• Windows-based multiple-document interface (MDI)
  • Microsoft SQL Server Compact-based database
  • Graphic display, recording and logging of measurement data
  • Free selection and combination of the measurement readings and status information of up to 31 devices in one or more diagrams
  • Simultaneous start of any number of diagrams to record series of measurements in parallel
  • Configuration of the cycle duration for data logging and independent archiving
  • Parameter setting, calibration and remote control of the
  • Saving, loading and transferring of configuration profiles of the devices
  • Filtering function to reduce data volume
  • Automatic device search
  • Permanent connection monitoring
  • Automatic archiving of the series of measurements
  • Tamper-proof storage of the series of measurements
  • Optional data storage in CSV format for subsequent handling in Excel
  • Zoom, scroll and analysis functions
  • Cursor to display the temperature and the time on the measurement curve
  • Very fast data recording (milliseconds)
  • Logging of user entries in a log file to check for configuration changes
  • Download and software update via Internet
  • No license restriction
  • Runs under Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8
  • Language selection (DE, GB)

  • User interface
  • Data interface
  • Download
The main feature of the Multiple Document Interface (MDI) based graphic user interface is that several documents can be opened simultaneously in one main window. 

The documents are displayed in separate windows. These windows can be positioned at choice and their size can be changed. 

This allows simultaneous working in several documents without having to re-start the program several times.
Series of measurements of up to 31 devices can be recorded in parallel.